Outcome 3: A Vibrant City and Townships



Tairāwhiti is a great place to live, work and play and our communities have a sense of belonging. The services and facilities we provide enable communities to live a balanced and happy life. Our city and townships have vibrant centres and are destinations for business, employment and tourism.  Our rural townships are supported by sustainable infrastructure and services and long-term economic resilience.  We support quality development that improves housing choices, creates healthy homes and meets the needs of Māori.   


  • Development of reliable drinking water supply and renewable energy resources for townships will increase resilience and provide healthier homes for our people. 
  • Council can support developers by providing clearer direction and more certainty through rules and guidance in our Tairāwhiti Resource Management Plan. 
  • Providing new and upgraded infrastructure is key to unlocking more housing options – Taruheru Block and Kaiti are examples. We need to look at new funding mechanisms to achieve this. 
  • Making the best use of available land - including infill  development and redevelopment of the city centre to  support mixed use with open space and medium density  residential housing. 
  • Developing our CBD to become more pedestrian and cycle focused. 
  • Long-term – the progressive redevelopment of the current industrial area along Awapuni Road will allow for the movement of industry out of the Gisborne urban area and provide additional residential land in a prime location. 
  • Changing the way we manage our community facilities and spaces to ensure they are fit for purpose and increase the diversity and distribution across the region. 
  • Provide healthy and affordable housing options in our townships. 


By 2050: 

  • Everyone is living in affordable, healthy and environmentally sustainable housing 
  • Gisborne is a smart city that uses information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance how we live, work and play 
  • Gisborne City and townships have vibrant central hubs 
  • We have flexible, multi-use community spaces and activity hubs across Tairāwhiti 
  • Housing development is enabled within the city’s current footprint and provides for a range of residential options 
  • Regional business development is enabled through appropriate planning and the provision of core infrastructure We know we are in Tairāwhiti – our spaces and places  reflect our identity 
  • Our townships use local renewable energy solutions. 

 Submissions close Friday 18 October 5pm