Outcome 4: Connected and Safe Communities


Our communities and businesses are connected to each other and to our markets by a safe, efficient and integrated transport network. Walking, cycling and public transport are preferred choices. Our people can meet, connect, participate in, and enjoy community and civic life. We are able to maximise the benefit from new technologies.  


  • Improved access and safety of cyclists and pedestrians, including through the city centre, will increase the use of active transport across the region and reduce car reliance. 
  • Development of a northern port in an appropriate location will reduce freight movements along SH 35 and increase resilience. 
  • Better protection of the airport’s current activities and future-proofing for the airport’s expansion – such as the ability for future runway length extensions – will secure an important link to the rest of Aotearoa and the world. 
  • Facilitation of safe and efficient heavy transport routes through the city and the rest of the region will increase road safety and allow for better planning. 


By 2050: 

  • No deaths or serious injuries on roads in Tairāwhiti 
  • Gisborne city is the cycle capital of NZ 
  • 20% of Gisborne city residents walk or cycle to work 
  • 10% of the population use public transport to get around 
  • Everyone has access to transport to get where they need to go 
  • Wheelchairs, push chairs and mobility scooters have equal access opportunities 
  • More pedestrian and cycle friendly city and townships 
  • The blue highway is used for recreational transport 
  • We have alternate freight routes that could be: 
    • on the blue highway 
    • via rail to Hawkes Bay 
    • inland routes off SH35 
    • through the city 

 Submissions close Friday 18 October 5pm