We have developed 10 maps that show the spatial distribution of some projects that are already in the pipeline or that are opportunities that will help us work towards our regional aspirations. The series of maps begin in the CBD and expand out a regional view. 

Submissions close Friday 18 October 5pm

Map 1: CBD Connections

 Map 1 CBD Connections


Map 2: CBD Development





Map 3: City Connections

Map 3 City Connections

Map 4: City Development 

Capture.PNG 2

Map 5: Turanga Connections

Map 5 Turanga Connections

Map 6: Turanga Development

Map 6 Turanga Development

Map 7: Regional Connections

Map 7 Regional Connections

Map 8: Regional Townships

Map 8 Regional Townships

Map 9: Regional Catchments

Map 9 Regional Catchments

Map 10: Regional Environment

Map 10 Regional Environment