Map 6 - J - Explore potential for long term surface water storage. The areas identified are all privately owned and was wondering if these landowners have any idea that their property has been identified. fine if they are all aware, if not, I don't agree with identifying locations on a map. you could simply just say that the region will be investigating areas of long term storage. Rather than have people thinking 'what is GDC planning to do on my land"
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Map 4 - J - Develop recreational boating hub at Kaiti Beach - where has this idea come from? is this the reason for the limited and potentially restricting boat trailer parking in the newly developed harbour area? if so, why wasn't this communicated to the public at the time. has this idea been floated with the Kati Beach community?
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Map1, CBD Connections: I support the new pedestrian bridge proposals at Carnavon Street and Whitaker Street, and the proposed shared space on Gladstone Road. These additions will assist to make the CBD more accessible for cycling and walking.
Map 2, CBD Development: The proposal for riparian planting along the rivers and streams is great! The railway line into the port via the Turanganui bridge and inner harbour should be retained, but not just for tourism - for delivery of logs and general freight to Eastland Port as well. I support the development of a more compact CBD.
Map 3, City connections: It is great to see the Taruheru River cycle trail shown on this map as a proposal. Also the coastal ridgeline trail to Wainui Beach would be well used and enjoyed by residents and visitors.
Map 4, City development: The development of a loading hub for rail-based freight at Matawhero is the key to getting an efficient rail freight operation established. This is a much better site for a hub than the Gisborne Railway Station.
Map 5, Turanga connections: There are some great connections proposed here for cycling and walking, including the Waipaoa River stop bank and others.
Map 7, regional connections: The development of a coastal trail would be a great asset for our region.

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CBD connections - support the investigation of a bridge from Stafford St to Anzac Park.

City connections - support the investigations of further pedestrian and cycle path options.

Turanga development - are landowners aware their land has been identified as a potential surface water storage option?
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