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Darryl Minteith
Support and develop the Creative Economy by working with the various Arts sectors to develop regional strategies that identify pathways to success within each sector eg. music, film, dance, design, theatre, object art, visual art etc. This will also entice more creative professionals to move here as much of this work is digital and international markets are online. It also ties in with celebrating and sharing our culture through the various art forms and informs our sense of identity.
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Courtenay Waikari
Gisborne will have a strong localised economy. Strong support of local markets, businesses, farmers and tradespeople and get what they have to offer, as far as possible, to local market. This will protect us from the larger global market fluctuations.

We have to also make sure our business communities have strong links and connections to each other and the wider community.

Environmental and social enterprising and innovation need to be supported as our most promising tools for overcoming future challenges and meeting opportunities - especially as a pathway for youth and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It will also be easier for manufacturing to become established in the region, through a business friendly consent process and ensuring there is infrastructure in place to support it.

Increasingly, we have seen people moving to our region from the bigger cities, who are able to work remotely, and set up remote offices. So it is important that we keep up to date with broadband technologies as well.
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Support the investigation of partnering with Universities to offer local higher learning opportunities and encourage research fellows to work on local issues. There is an opportunity to investigate utilising our unique differences to attract tourism and businesses to our region e.g Nationally significant surf breaks, cultural identity. A focus on sustainability before further growth to ensure we are managing our natural resources sustainably. Transition to land uses that match our environments strengths.
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Utilising our unique setting and values e.g Nationally significant surfbreaks and cultural identity could attract more tourism. A focus on a sustainable region as a slogan and putting sustainability before growth. Transitioning to land uses that suit our environment and regional vision.
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