Whakaputaina o korero - Te oranga i te whakaamhi
Sally August
The language in Outcome one (1) needs to shift more towards understanding that the Council at all levels of leadership is a Service Provider, you're always responsibly to your community, you need to seek our community perspective before approaching partnerships, and taking on any perceived leadership or advocating for projects on behalf of our community. It's essential that the Council's organisational structure and staffing are more closely aligned to our communities demographics, and continue to change as our community does. Tairawhiti has the capacity to be a national leader if it can approach leadership in a more Bottom-up approach, encourage more of our communities esp those that are more disadvantaged to have a voice and safe place to live.
Stop working with the same old partners, start finding ways to open-up your approaches to working in our community, all to often it's the same old faces sucking up all the oxygen, resources, mana and money - give our less advantaged and younger generations a chance to develop and become the facilitators of community well-being of the future.
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The statement Council could do its bit to ensure communities are enabled to do the right thing through increased information provision, allocating resources to support projects and updating plans and policies needs to be changed. Council is required to ensure its plans are fit for purpose. Reviewing and updating plans to reflect existing and future pressures e.g climate change is required urgently. Council holds a wealth of environmental information. Making this data more accessible to the community creates the opportunity for evidence based discussions and informed submissions. Technology exists to provide near real time environmental states via a website portal to Councils environmental database. Council can also be a supporting partner/enabler for community based environmental improvement projects.
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Kia Ora,
The statement council could listen to their people more often instead of making assumptions about what their people want/wanted. Our people want to change. That change is for all of the rubbish to be kept in one place and rubbish to NOT be buried under the soil; to pull all of the tree stumps out of the ground and replant fresh small trees back on the hills, etc... The council need to review and update plans to reflect existed and future pressures, e.g: Climate Change and Global Warming. We need to act very fast on Climate Change because it's already happening and we still haven't come up with a sustainable plan that might help with minimising Climate Change. The council could be more involved with the community by setting up a building for all of the homeless people that have nowhere to go. That building will help keep the people in a warm place and will provide them with better shelter. The council could also be involved with the community by coming out of the building and joining in with the Climate Strikes.
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