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I believe one of the key issues for progression of the city into the future is to “unlock” existing or develop land to provide new diverse housing developments.

In most other cities/towns of New Zealand at this particular time the new housing developments are booming and very apparent yet here we have very small isolated pockets of individual new builds.

We need to look to the future and work with investors and housing companies etc to secure adequate housing developments for the various skilled people we would like to come to the region both now and in the future.

Being in the construction industry I am physically seeing as many people selling and leaving the region as there is coming in.

Developing new housing/apartment options I believe is the key to the progression of all the general infrastructure in the city.

There are also clearly not enough rental properties at this particular time and with the frustration of this people will leave the region which again points to the need for more extensive housing developments.
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Developing secure reliable drinking water supplies and implementing source protection mechanisms is important to manage potential risks to rural township communities. Future greenfield residential development needs to be careful consideration to ensure the land is suitable for development and the potential loss of highly productive land is avoided. Developing further opportunities to make the city more pedestrian and cycle friendly is great particularly linking up with schools and key assets in the community e.g parks, rivers and the beaches.
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Having more cycle lane and walk ways will be great for an intergeneration community.
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Courtenay Waikari
Towards being a vibrant city, Gisborne will reflect itself as a city that values its tamariki & youth. We could align ourselves with UNICEF guidelines for child-friendly cities which includes the following criteria:
- Are protected from exploitation, violence and abuse
- Have a good start in life and grow up healthy and cared for
- Have access to quality social services.
- Experience quality, inclusive and participatory education and skills development.
- Express their opinions and influence decisions that affect them
- Participate in family, cultural, city/community and social life
- Live in a safe secure and clean environment with access to green spaces
- Meet friends and have places to play and enjoy themselves
- Have a fair chance in life regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, income, gender or ability.
This will see youth more engaged in their city and show how much we as a city value our future - that is the children who will inherit the city, and their children.
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Great goals but concerned that lifestyle developments will continue outwards from our city and townships. Development can not be just at the expense of Highly productive soils.
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Tukuna mai ou korero
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