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Stop logging trucks from the urban areas from 2200 hrs to 0630hrs Monday to Friday. Stop them from 2200 hrs Friday night until 0630 Monday mornings. I would like to see the public holidays as well. These trucks are not good for peoples mental health. If they were aeroplanes they would have been stopped long ago. People are entitled to a break from the noise. Truck drivers also deserve a break. I feel a train from Dunstan road to the port would save a lot of truck movements
Maybe its also time for businesses that service big trucks be moved out of the central business area and sent to the subdivision or back of the airport.
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I think LED lighting needs to be rolled out in Kaiti and Elgin - as is already in place in wealthier suburbs like Okitu. The current street lights in areas of high deprivation don't do an effective job of creating safe communities.

I also think that we should have a separated walk/cycle way up the coast, and at least three separated cycle corridors through the main routes of Gisborne's urban area.

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Instead of Gisborne city as the cycle capital of NZ, we should aspire to Tairawhiti being the cycle region of NZ. We could do this by creating regional cycle trails, linking communities within Tairawhiti, and linking our region with the Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay. Increasing active transport in the other towns in Tairawhiti should also be mentioned. Gladstone Road, through the Gisborne CBD could become a shared space, which has been shown to revitalise town centres elsewhere. Where heavy transport passes through other towns in Tairawhiti there could be courtesy slow zones, to encourage more active transport and make these town centres more attractive and safe.
Reinstatement of the railway line offers an opportunity to improve connections within our region and between Gisborne and the rest of New Zealand, for freight, tourism and passenger transport. This would support the expanding horticultural and wood processing industries, improve safety on SH2, increase the resilience of our transport network, and make Gisborne a more attractive place to live and work by increasing the connectivity of the region.
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Courtenay Waikari
MAP 1: I cycle with my young daughters to school everyday from Tukura Road, over the Rutene Road brige to Central School on Sheehan St.
Firstly, I would like to see many more shared cycle paths as currently the population influx has meant that there are many more cars on the road at school time and it is much too dangerous for children to safely navigate the roads.
The Harris St, Rutene Road intersection is too dangerous and busy for us to cross safely on bicycles (we currently use the footpath and would continue to do so even if there is an on-road cycle lane). The roundabout outside the council buildings on Fitzherbert and Ormond is backed way up to the Rutene Rd bridge most mornings. It would be impossible to get my kids through these roundabouts.
I think that we these cycle lanes off road and really start looking into them being able to cross the main roads. Kids need to be able to safely get to school, their friends house, the playground or the library. Whether we have more zebra crossings or traffic signalled crossings (like Rotorua, Te Ngae Rd circa. Lynmore), or pedestrian bridges.
Then kids might once again be able to safely move around their neighbourhoods, have more independence and might reduce traffic on the roads since parents wouldn't have to drop them off anywhere.
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Support the investigation of a bridge connecting Stafford St to Anzac Park. Support the development of more pedestrian and cycle friendly paths throughout the city particularly connecting with schools, parks, river and beaches. Careful consideration is required around the investigation of a northern port and its potential impact on the northern regions unique environmental values. Eastland Port may be able to support the transport of high value horticulture crops e.g apples and kiwifruit rather than by road transport by investing in on site cool storage.
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Jack Marshall
We need cycle ways that are protected from the road. It's not about making it save for 18 - 40 year olds who are fit, but so kids and grandparents can use them safely.
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Urban development patterns must ensure access to cycleways and or public transport routes. This should include developments of places where people work as well as live. Workplaces should be encouraged by waiving of consent fees to install facilities to remove barriers to walking /cycling to work (Showers, locker rooms)
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Tukuna mai ou korero
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