Outcome 5: We Take Sustainability Seriously


Tairāwhiti has a circular economy that supports diverse, inclusive and sustainable growth. We are future-focused and plan and care about the future of the region, and how to enhance its natural and built environment for future generations. Our region will realise the benefits to society from creating clean energy, lowering carbon emissions, and reducing our ecological footprint. We use green infrastructure to deliver greater resilience, long-term cost savings and quality environmental outcomes. 


  • Innovative solutions like managed aquifer recharge, greywater for irrigation and increasing efficiency of water takes. 
  • Better management of the waste streams created in the region. One opportunity is to collect and use the slash as part of a CHP (Combined Heat Power) energy generation plant. 
  • Transition to a circular economy. This is transformation of the traditional take-make-waste model into one that focusses on restoration and regeneration by design.  The aim is to capture the highest value from products, components and materials at all times. This model would provide opportunities to reduce all components of our waste stream.


 By 2050: 

  • We save money and resources by incorporating energy efficiency practices into all of our buildings and technology 
  • We have an energy efficient City Centre 
  • Our communities have small scale renewable energy generation schemes 
  • Our businesses have product stewardship accreditation (responsible for environmental impact of their products and services) 
  • We do not export our waste outside the region 
  • The products we export from the region have high market value 
  • Around 150 jobs created as a result of the combined circular economy measures


Submissions close Friday 18 October 5pm