Outcome 8: Delivering for Maori
Iwi Leaders (CEO's, Board Members, etc...) aren't often your knowledge keepers - your tohunga, our community is poor in pakeha eye's but rich if you apply the Te Ao Maori lens, but this needs investment! An urban community hub, for youth to engage in their culture in a hands-on, kanohi ki te kanohi way, a safe whanau ora (holistic) approach to community Well-being - esp TPK's version of the Govt Wellbeing Framework!
A place for Maori and youth to becvome strong in their identify, to have a safe place, a place to engage, learn from their elders, to be part of arts, cultural and development programmes like creating creating and mastering music, producing AV and radio segments, learning about our place - history, eco/bio sciences, studios to make and practice your performing and visual arts, to learn about design and technologies, align Hauora services to support youth mental health and work to reduce our extremely high youth suicide statics, esp critical Maori statics and don't make these services to those already have, those who come from privilege, and certainly don't have people leading such a place who aren't the doer's (you need carvers, weavers, musicans, creatives who've not had privilege!) without first hand knowledge and experience of what it means to go through trauma, don't apply a pakeha model... This should NOT be Council LEAD kaupapa, but a Council / Community SUPPORTED!
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