Outcome 6: We Celebrate Our Heritage



Our natural taonga are healthy and protected for everyone to enjoy now and in the future. We celebrate our Māori identity, cultural, historic and natural heritage. There is no further loss of significant natural environments. We have restored key areas of the environment as Tairāwhiti grows. We all practice active guardianship. 


  • Working with communities on a catchment basis to implement techniques that will promote a healthy environment (soils, waterways, coastal environment and regional biodiversity) and healthy communities. 
  • Supporting the recent resurgence of natural reversion in the region. 
  • Ensuring residential and industrial encroachment does not occur on the Turanga Flats and that trees are planted in the most appropriate places. 
  • Showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region will have multiple benefits. For example, expanding the Tairāwhiti Navigations project, by developing new heritage trails along the coast and inland, and telling our stories through the design of our open spaces. 
  • Using our parks and waterways to provide ecological services through planting as corridors or stepping stones to link up other biodiversity hot spots in the region. 
  • Manage backyard incineration, dust, agricultural spray drift, pollen and odour more effectively. 



By 2050:

  • Our region’s biodiversity hotspots are connected by a  series of bio corridors along waterways 
  • There is birdsong everywhere you stop to listen 
  • Tairāwhiti is predator free – stoats, rats and possums are  eradicated 
  • Weka are commonly seen throughout Tairawhiti 
  • 50% of our existing wetlands have been restored 
  • A korowai of green permanent vegetation on highly  erodible and most vulnerable steep land 
  • 20% of Gisborne city has urban forest 
  • A second marine reserve has been created 
  • No “at risk” catchments in the region 
  • We have a nationally significant surf park 
  • We can swim in all of our waterways. 


 Submissions close Friday 18 October 5pm